Thursday, March 17, 2016

From Schools To Real Estate In Roswell Georgia

Founded originally as a cotton plant in the 1830s by one Roswell King, the city of Roswell, Georgia, has been a legitimate city since 1869. After years as a cotton plantation, the city was actually burned down, along with Atlanta, during the American Civil War by the famous Union General Sherman. After years of rebuilding, production eventually resumed and the city began to grow again despite many people leaving to pursue other ventures in Atlanta. 

Following the Great Depression of the late twenties and early thirties, Roswell suffered tremendously and was forced to secede from Cobb county and join only Fulton, leading to its current status today. The city has grown tremendously since the 1990s, and has continued with the same mayor since 1997, Jere Wood.

If you are looking for things to do in Roswell, you are in luck! With several historic plantation homes and halls, including Barrington Hall, Bulloch Hall, and Smith Plantation, it is a history buff's dream. In addition, the shopping and dining downtown is exceptional. Canton Street, running through the main square, is filled with all kinds of locals artisans, shops, and restaurants. Some favorites include Roux, Ceviche, Mac McGee's, and many others!

As the seventh largest city in the state, Roswell has a numerous amount of residential communities. Popular neighborhoods in Roswell are comprised of Horseshoe Bend, Martin's Landing, Willow Springs, Goulding, and Forrest Commons. In 2013, the average selling price per home in Roswell was $283,700.

Schools in the city of Roswell include:

Charter schools:
  • Amana Academy (K-8)
Private schools:
  • Blessed Trinity Catholic High School
  • Fellowship Christian School
  • The Cottage School
  • Eaton Academy
  • Chrysalis Experiential Academy
Elementary schools:
  • Esther Jackson Elementary School
  • Hembree Springs Elementary School
  • Mimosa Elementary School
  • Mountain Park Elementary School
  • Northwood Elementary School
  • Roswell North Elementary School
  • Sweet Apple Elementary School
  • Hillside Elementary School
  • River Eves Elementary School
Middle schools:
  • Crabapple Middle School
  • Elkins Pointe Middle School
  • Holcomb Bridge Middle School
High Schools:
  • Centennial High School
  • Crossroads Second Chance North Alternative School
  • Roswell High School